This Youtube video was posted July 20, 2020 by a user named Russ Lyman and the description read; "Another fun Car Meet in July, this one ended with a bang for sure." The video says the car meet took place in Milford, CT on (7/17/20) in what appears to be the Wal-Mart parking lot.

I don't know how events like this come together and even if I did, I wouldn't go because everything sounds dumb to me on paper. It's the kind of event that would appear in my feed and I'd just brush it off thinking no one would go.

That's no way to live because I'm missing out on things I very much like. I saw fireworks in this video, a car with a massive TV on the back and some fire jam drone footage. I love fire, giant TV's and drones so where the hell was I? I'll tell you where, I went to bed at 8 pm on Friday (July 17) because I had a big day of lawn work ahead of me. What a lame a-hole.

P.S. When I share these things with you, I know what comes next. I know 'Karen' and 'Dave' are going to feast, they won't need to eat for a month. I know the user may pull the video down, I know everyone will blame me for promoting an event where there seems to be very few people wearing masks and where social distancing measures are out the window.

I don't know what to tell any of you, the cars look cool, fireworks are bad ass and I can't control the actions of the world. If I don't show you this stuff, who will? You may live in Milford and not even know it happened. Should people wear masks and back up out of each other's faces? Sure, but I'm not their mom or a police officer so I can't do squat about it.

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