For once it's nice to report on the success of a business during these tough economic times.

Well that's exactly what we're doing here today, letting you know about a New Milford Boutique that's actually expanding and opening another store in downtown Bethel.

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It's only been about one year since Compass Rose Collection opened their very first boutique on Bank Street in New Milford. Usually, it takes about a year for a business to even know if it will be able to survive, but in this case the owners have announced that they will be opening up a second store right in downtown Bethel on Greenwood Avenue.

According to CT Post, the owners of Compass Rose Collection will be moving into their second location at 123 Greenwood Avenue on the corner of PT Barnum Square on Saturday March 26. The store was previously occupied by Saltbox Antiques until it was sold last spring. Over the last year, renovations have been underway at the cottage to improve the look and space of the property, and since the owners of Compass Rose Collection knew they wanted to take over the location ,they also wanted to make it very similar to their store in New Milford.

Compass Rose Collection deals mostly with inspired home décor and is about the feeling you get when you truly love your home décor surroundings. They seek to inspire creativity in their customers, and in the spaces their clients call home. They also specialize in locally made items like candles from Newtown, and knit hats from New Milford artisans.

There will be however, a slight difference in what they will be offering at the new Bethel location. Yes they will still have a lot of the home décor that they carry in New Milford, but the Bethel store will also specialize in women's clothing like tops, dresses, and accessories.

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