And now something completely different from Nutmeg Games in New Milford. Is it possible to put down the controller and take a break from the digital world of video games?

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Located at 178 Danbury Rd. in New Milford is a new store called Nutmeg Games. Imagine playing a game with another human where you interact face to face and not a video game in sight?

Stephen Carpenter originally owned Gamer's Gambit in Danbury, but closed down last March when the pandemic struck, according to an article in the Newstimes. His new venture, Nutmeg Games, is a trip back into a time before video games became the rage. Carpenter would love to get people to unplug from the digital world and play face to face.

At Nutmeg Games, you can find everything from board games to card games like Pokémon, along with hobby supplies, puzzles, and toys, but you will not find one video game. Carpenter has plans to host game nights and tournaments at the store in the future and stated,

There's something missing when it comes to social interactions that are face to face compared to digital interactions. It doesn't provide a real personal experience.

Nutmeg Games at 178 Danbury Road is open every day from noon until 8 pm and offers in-person or online service along with curbside pickup or delivery.

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