The Las Vegas Raiders made the playoffs after a 35-32 overtime victory over the Los Angeles Chargers Sunday Night.

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At the helm for Las Vegas was Head Coach Rich Bisaccia who is a football lifer but first time NFL Head Coach. Bisaccia graduated New Fairfield High School and was a talented football player for the Rebels. Now, he’s way more, Bisaccia in the NFL history books.

Sunday’s last-minute win over the Chargers was significant because it put Bisaccia on a very short list. Bisaccia became only the third interim NFL coach to take his team to the playoffs since 1960 according to S.I. via Fan Nation.

The journey was not easy one for Bisaccia who was promoted to Head Coach after a scandalous exit for his predecessor Jon Gruden. In October, Gruden resigned after e-mails surfaced of him using racist and homophobic language.

Not long after (Nov 2, 2021), the Raiders premiere wide receiver, Henry Ruggs III was arrested after police say he was to blame for a fiery car wreck that killed one woman.  Then, Damon Arnette was cut after a gun incident in late November and finally Nathan Hobbs was arrested for DUI in January 2022.

At minimum, problems like these would cause massive roster problems but put plainly, they are corrosive incidents and alleged crimes that could cripple any locker room. That didn’t happen to Bisaccia, the locker room or the Raiders as an organization.

To make the playoffs, the Raiders needed to, and did win their final 4 games of the year. Bisaccia ended his first partial season as a Head Coach with a record of 6-5.

I said "first partial season" because I believe he will end up having the interim tag removed from his name. Rich Bisaccia will get his first official Head Coaching job running the Raiders. I believe Bisaccia deserves the chance and I’m not alone with others suggesting he is an NFL Head Coach of the Year candidate.

I’m a bit biased, I’m a Raiders fan and they are winning but Bisaccia isn’t just winning, he’s doing it with class and dignity and facing great sports adversity doing so. I think Coach Madden would be proud of the Raiders and Bisaccia.

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