From the Candlewood Voices FB page comes the word that New Fairfield citizens rejected a plan to add chemicals to Candlewood Lake.

In January of this year, First Selectman, Susan Chapman proposed a chemical solution to kill the milfoil and treat the blue-green algae. Since then, the opposition to treating the lake with chemicals has been strong and aggressive. Petitions and hearings were suggested as the months flew by, all opposed to the use of chemicals which was diquat to kill the milfoil and copper sulfate to treat the blue-green algae.

The New Fairfield community group, Candlewood Voices who are vehemently opposed to the use of chemicals in Candlewood Lake proposed an ordinance be adopted by the town that requires a town-wide vote before any chemicals can be used in the lake. Recently, a town hall meeting was held where over 200 New Fairfield residents showed up to vote the ordinance down. This is what Susan Chapman, the First Selectman of New Fairfield had to say regarding the "no chemicals in Candlewood Lake" vote:

This is democracy  and this is how it works in a town hall form of government. Obviously we won't be moving forward with the permit.

Candlewood Lake Looking at the Tip of Candlewood Isle - Credit Ethan Carey

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