Ethan, Lou and Danbury Mayor Mark Boughton on Hearthstone Castle, Candlewood Lake and Danbury Town Park.

Hearthstone Castle would be nice to renovate/protect in total, forever but that's not an option. Mark is a budget wizard and continually presents and has budgets approved that keep City taxes down. I know people like to blame him for everything under the sun but he's kept the City of Danbury, a place people want to live, at a price they can afford.

As for Candlewood, I think it's hilarious and awesome that people are doing Uber rides to islands on the lake. I'm going to meet opposition on that because of COVID problems and safety issues but that's America and how we birth genius ideas. They usually happen when people have a brilliant idea and just go with it.

The sad part is, the person who came up with it will never be the one who makes the real money off the idea. The pioneer rarely does it legal and someone comes behind them willing to steal the idea, legally, get the proper permits and pay the necessary insurance.

Danbury Town Park will never be forgiven in my eyes. I will tell this story until I am blue in the face and maybe on my death bed. I attempted to go once with my wife and kids when we moved to Danbury. I knew you could not bring alcohol on the property and yet I put four beers in my cooler and headed off to the park. Why? Because this is America and I'm a grown man.

I tried to walk in and a 17 year old kid took my cooler, found my beers and said "put them back in your car or you can't come in." Rather than fight with my wife all day, I did a walk of shame and put the beers in my trunk and we went in.

The same child who told a grown American man to put four beers back in his trunk, sat back and did nothing as hordes of people threw their garbage all over the playground and beach. My wife thinks I am crazy for continually bringing this up. I will NEVER stop doing it.

We over-regulate the wrong people, I'd never chuck my garbage all over a beautiful park but the people they "let in," do. I'm so sick of being a person, I can't see straight.

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