I got a message over the weekend from someone on Instagram who said I have your next big story, they wrote, "No recreational weed on Candlewood Lake."

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We opened the Ethan and Lou Morning Show with the topic on Wednesday (6/30/21). We started asking questions. Now that recreational use of marijuana is legal, couldn't a person use it, as a passenger on a boat, on Candlewood Lake?

After spinning our wheels trying to answer the question with the help of our listeners, we called a regular contributor to the show, CT State Representative from New Fairfield, Pat Callahan.

We asked Pat if he believed someone could use marijuana on the Lake if they are not operating the boat, he replied:

"Bottom line is, it's not spelled out in the bill." Later he continued by saying:

"It's a long bill, and I don't believe, and I have read it. I don't believe it's really spelled out guys that if you are on a boat and you're over 21 and you're a passenger, you can smoke marijuana."

Pat then mentioned to us that he would reach out to the attorneys on the judiciary committee he serves on to get us further clarification. As we get more answers, we will of course share them with you.

This could be interesting because Candlewood Lake touches 5 towns/cities. If it's determined that you cannot use marijuana as a passenger on a boat, then why can you consume alcohol and who will enforce this?

UPDATE: Pat Callahan reached out to me later in the day with an update, he texted me the following:

"I've got your answer Lou - 

Bill sets up separate crimes of smoking while operating a motor vehicle and smoking while in a motor vehicle, but the only boating reference in the bill, is as it pertains to operating under the influence." 

P.S. When we had the conversation on the Ethan and Lou Morning Show, I set parameters for the discussion. I did this in an effort to establish a foundation for a healthy debate. I said when we talk about this we are only going to talk about passengers on a boat using marijuana.

I did not want to muddy the waters having to point out over an over again that it's bad to do drugs and drive a boat, I'm setting the same framework for this conversation. We know drugs and driving a boat don't mix, we are against people doing drugs and operating a boat, so it does not have to be repeated 600 times.

What do you think?

Below is a segment we did on this topic early this morning (6/30/21) prior to talking to Pat Callahan

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