Everyone in the Greater Danbury Area knows there is nothing quite like Candlewood Lake and one family's recent "Brazilian Boat party" footage captured this from air, land and "sea."

Cue the social distancing police! Yeah, that is going to happen and I can't do anything about it. I can't keep people, I don't know from observing health guidelines and I know I can't keep people from judging people over it.

What I can say is, how about that footage? I mean this drone is something and so is the director of this short film. If I was an Academy Awards voter, this would be my selection for 2020's "Best Short Film."

This had all of my interests wrapped up into one small two minute package. We had a party, boats, food, exquisite rear ends, aerial footage to die for and some heartwarming family moments.

There is only one real problem with the video, the dude in the Patriots hat. Who, in this day and age is letting a Pats fan on their boat? Sir, the least you can do is hide it, there are children present, act like a grown up. Or, at least be honest with yourself and loved ones and admit that by Week 3 of this NFL season, you will be a full fledged Tampa Bay Buccaneers fan.

P.S. I did a few things this past weekend, but I could have made time for this "Brazilian Boat Party." Let's pick up the phone next time, I am a respectful guest, I'll leave way before I've worn out my welcome and my wife and I will bring a delicious Dominican snack prepared by her.

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