We love to take advantage of traveling around Connecticut, Massachusetts as well as the rest of New England with so much in such close proximity. From Cape Cod to spending time in Newport, Rhode Island, enjoying coastal Maine and New Hampshire's seacoast, antique shopping in Vermont, or heading into New York for a getaway.

Of course, many of us work and live across state borders, too.

Whatever the reason you decide to put on your earphones, earbuds, headphones, or the like while driving, you know you're complying with hands-free laws which are pretty much everywhere according to the Find Law website.

The tricky part is that there are no federal guidelines about earbuds and their counterparts while driving according to Find Law so it's up to you to understand what you're allowed to do and not do around New England.

Screaming Woman with Earbuds Driving a Car

Let's start with the easiest according to Forbes.

Connecticut, Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont: It's legal to wear them in both ears. However, if a law enforcement official thinks they're interfering with safe driving you can be pulled over for distracted driving for example.

If you're wearing them while speeding, if you cause an accident, or any myriad of things that could easily be an extra fine or more according to Find Law.

Now let's talk about New York, Massachusetts, and Rhode Island where it's legal and illegal according to Find Law.


Massachusetts: You can only use one earbud or the like if you're listening to a GPS device with the other ear free.

New York: You can wear one earbud or the like anytime you want but must have one ear free.

Rhode Island: You can only use one earbud or the like if you're on the phone with the other ear free.

To see where other states land, click here.

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