These theme days are everywhere. You have heard of "Taco Tuesday", right? This is along the same lines but a lot more fun. We are starting a theme for each weekday that you can have fun playing along with the Ethan and Lou show. Here they are:

  • "Man Pants" Monday - This is where we wear grown up man pants, we are talking minimum khaki's. You can take a picture of yourself wearing your "man pants" and #manpantsmonday
  • "Titanic Tuesday" - On "Titanic Tuesday" you sing "My Heart Will Go On" by Celine Dion from the major motion picture "Titanic." What you wanna do is sing it to someone who will not appreciate it. You can film this and upload it to the Youtube.
  • "Why did you do that?" Wednesday - THIS IS MY FAVORITE DAY OF THE WEEK. You are going to choose a friend in your phone at random and text them "Why did you do that?" You will then ignore all of their many return texts.
  • "Throwdown" Thursday - Challenge a relative to a fist fight on social media.
  • "Fondue" Friday - Host a 70's style fondue for your loved ones. I have some helpful fondue recipes here. 

Be sure to share this new calendar of exciting days with all your favorite people.

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