Connecticut has just released a new smartphone app called COVID Alert CT that informs residents if they've been exposed to someone who's infected with COVID-19. The app is designed for both Android and iPhone users and is free to download.

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According to Connecticut's Official State Website, Android users can download the app directly from the Google Play Store. If you're an iPhone user, go to 'Settings' and scroll down to 'Exposure Notifications' directly below 'Emergency SOS.'

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I just downloaded the COVID Alert App on my iPhone. Make sure 'Location Services' are on by scrolling to 'Privacy.' The purpose of the app is to record when people are close by another app-enabled smartphone app. The app would send you an alert if you were near someone who's tested positive for COVID-19.

Android Phone COVID app
Android Phone COVID app

The app will ask you to select your country (United States) and then your region.  (Connecticut) Then choose 'Turn On' and make sure your 'Availability Alerts' is also turned on to receive a notification.

The COVID Alert CT app is voluntary and anonymous and uses Bluetooth to detect if someone has been within 6 feet of an affected individual who also has downloaded the app. All of your questions regarding this new COVID Alert app can be answered by clicking on the website,

Here are some tips for self-care during the pandemic:

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