All reports have Netflix non-responsive on a rumored new episode of the hit docu-series Tiger King, but the world needs answers.

According to NBC News Netflix has not responded for comment following the bomb shell dropped over the weekend by Tiger King's Jeff Lowe on Twitter. Jeff had this to say:

Hopefully there will be a new episode it's what we all need right now. If there is just one new episode being added, it's got to be something spectacular. I mean what could they have to present that is so Earth shattering that they are doing one new episode and turning it around so fast?

What burning questions will be answered? Will Carole admit to murdering her husband? Will Joe admit to hiring a hit-man to kill Carole? Will Jeff take off his stupid hat/bandanna combo and show us his bald head? Will we get 50 minutes of James Garretson riding a jet ski in slow motion? Will Travis' eulogy be aired in full and contain comments about something other than his balls? So many questions and for now no answers from Netflix.


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