By now you know about i95Stock, our 10-hour concert event happening all day Friday, April 17. We have 20 of Classic Rock's biggest bands all ready to go with legendary live performances. If you're missing live concerts, we have a great one going all day. Best of all, it's free and you've got a front row seat. Just sit really close to your radio or smart speaker.

And like any huge concert, we've got a merch table set up! Let's start with the freebies. You can download your free tickets here:

And here are your free commemorative concert posters, suitable for framing:


This one we're not even kidding about. Grab your i95stock T-shirt here to prove that you were at the "Greatest Concert That Never Was."

The official i95STOCK T-shirts are available in women's cuts as well:

And if you really want to go big time, grab the i95STOCK sweatshirt, perfect for wearing to a cool concert in the Fall:

Finally, here's the i95STOCK sticker. It would look especially awesome on your computer if you streamed the concert.


We can't WAIT to bring you this badass festival that, under different circumstances, could only be dreamed of. Listen to i95STOCK all day on Friday, April 17, only on the (Stay) Home of Rock 'N' Roll i95.

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Iconic Images of Every i95stock Performer