What's the old saying? When one doggy door opens, another closes? Nah, it's not that, but that's exactly what's happened over the past few months in Naugatuck.

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I wrote an article back in September 2020 about the new K9 officer Indy getting hired and introduced by the town. Indy has been on the job for almost 6 months now with his handler, Officer Durette, and it seems as if Indy has had some sage wisdom passed down from his peer, Naugatuck PD K9 Vane. The Naugatuck PD took to their social media accounts to announce that after faithfully serving and protecting Naugatuck over the past 10 years, K9 Officer Vane is now officially retired.

According to the post, Vane had an excellent career patrolling Naugatuck with over 100 different cases where Vane was called in to track various human beings. Vane has tracked and assisted armed and violent suspects, missing or suicidal persons, disabled or elderly missing persons, and even kidnapping suspects. Many times these tracks happened in extreme heat, cold, or rough terrain. Vane endured injuries, has been assaulted and separated from his handler, but always reported for duty. What the post doesn't say is where Vane will spend his retirement, I'm assuming that he will retire with his handler.

This is the second K9 retirement in the area recently. Just last week I wrote about New Milford Police Department K9 Kira calling it a career. It got me thinking that maybe Kira and Vane could retire to Connecticut shoreline together, maybe start a family of superhero K9's bred to protect us here in Connecticut? Congratulations Vane, and thank you for your 10 years of service.

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