I've scrolled through Facebook for years, and the quickest way for me to stop, I admit it, is a dog photo. I've always been a dog person, and I just recently lost my little guy after a good 15 year life. So when I see doggy news, other than "adopt me", I gotta spread it. You remember the pet store in Naugatuck, the Naugy Doggy? Well, that's long gone, but there's a new K9 sheriff in town, and the Naugatuck Police Department took to their social media pages for an introduction yesterday.

Naugatuck Police K9 Indy is a 17 month old Black Lab, and he's the newest member of the NPD. Indy has been specially trained to help out first responders, assist with victims of trauma, or interviews with children, and also for community outreach. Indy will be paired with Naugatuck Officer, Durette, who also just underwent specialized training on how to handle Indy. Indy was donated to the NPD by an organization called Puppies Behind Barswhich seems like a fascinating organization, basically they train prison inmates to train service dogs that will help wounded veterans and first responders.

Our community can meet with Indy over the next few months at outreach events throughout the city. NPD states that Indy is only the second such K9 from this program in the state of CT. Puppies Behind Bars is based out of New York City, and most of the dogs that I see on their website ended up in New York State. Good luck Indy and Officer Durette, I hope that your presence will bring some peace to next scene that you have to show up to in town.

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