A recent study looked at anxiety levels in all 50 states to determine the least anxious states in America.

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Medical marijuana card experts at Leafwell conducted the research using CDC data to make their determinations and this is what they came up with. "Nationally, the percentage of adults reporting that they suffer from symptoms of anxiety disorder is 28.7%."  In the end, Hawaii residents were rated as the least anxious. What about those of us in the Nutmeg State? We landed on the good side of the discussion. 

Here are the Top 5 Least Anxious States in America:

1. Hawaii

2. New York

3. Vermont

4. Minnesota

5. Connecticut

A spokesperson for Leafwell commented on the findings: 

"Mental health issues such as depression and anxiety can have many triggers. General health, lifestyle and employment are some of the most common triggers and there are many treatment options available like therapy and antidepressant medication. The use of CBD, including food and drink, is allowed in some states."

They added:

"One way to tackle and reduce feelings of anxiety is by using legal cannabis, as small doses can offer a soothing and relaxing feeling that can reduce the anxious feelings pent up inside of you and is a common solution for anxious symptoms."

I am an anxious person and this is about the 11,000th time I've been told CBD or Cannabis could help with my anxiety. I'm calling B.S. I have tried many different strains and it makes me tired and wait for it.......ANXIOUS!

I'm happy it is working for so many of you but I'm out. I love it, when I was smoking weed in high school everyday people were very upset with me but now as an adult people want me to smoke the Devil's lettuce in the worst possible way. You live your journey and I'll find a way to prevent myself from snapping like an old rubber band.

If you are a person over the age of 40 who lives in Connecticut that is NOT anxious, I want to know how you are pulling this off? The cost of living here is off the charts, no matter how much money you make it is difficult. We've also lived through 9/11 and COVID-19 and if you have kids like me, WHOA boy are you in a pickle.

P.S. "You gotta relax" is pretty much the worst thing you can say to an anxious person because they know they need to relax but they can't.

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