According to NASA via CNN there is an asteroid headed straight for Planet Earth and if it were to enter our atmosphere, it would happen on November 2, 2020, Election Day. The object is known as 2018VP1 and it is 6.5 feet. You read that right, just six and a half feet.

That means it poses no real threat to our Planet, which is too bad, in my opinion. Someone out there got the date right and the size wrong. What could have been? This would have been so poetic.

When the choices to run the free world are a hair sniffer and a guy who can't pronounce Yosemite, the answer is a world ending asteroid, but no such luck. Due to the size of 2018VP1 , NASA says if it did enter the Earth's atmosphere, it would simply disintegrate.

I thought we were going to have to get on the horn with Big Nuts Harry Stanton to have him round up his crack team of deep core drillers.

This is the Earth, at a time when dinosaurs roamed a lush & fertile planet. But the piece of rock just six miles wide changed all that. It hit with the force of ten thousand nuclear weapons. A trillion tons of dirt & rock hurtled into the atmosphere creating a suffocating blanket of dust the Sun was powerless to penetrate for a thousand years. It happened before, it will happen again, it's just a question of when.

Really though, we tried this humanity thing, it didn't work out. Enough.

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