If you are anything like me, life would be incomplete without a partially nude Nic Cage to rest your head on each night. This pillowcase is a cool $13.68 on Amazon. If you have to buy a gift for someone who has it all, this may be just the thing. Or maybe you love bad acting, hairy chests or leopard prints. Treat yo self!

Imagine watching "Ghost Rider" or "Wicker Man" while lounging in your bedroom and you roll over and boom, Nic is still there, closer than you ever imagined. Your heart is gonna skip a beat for sure. If watching movies that should have never been made while laying your head on a dude who should never work is not enough, I have just the thing for you.

Red Bubble

NIC CAGE PANTS! Now we are getting somewhere. You can make your crotch unreasonably undesirable with these, and they will only cost you $40. They are also conveniently available online at Redbubble.

Merry Christmas, you no longer have to go Black Friday shopping, you are  welcome.

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