My Mom and my wife Erica are amazing moms. They are tireless, genuine, kind, compassionate and selfless. What people may not know about these two ladies, is how amazingly cool they are.

Raising four kids is no easy thing, they both have and continue to do so. They do it all and still they maintain, their identity, grace, sense of humor and sanity. Both my Mom and Erica have their razor sharp focus on their family everyday and manage somehow to not get lost in the shuffle. These ladies are not along for the ride, they are driving the bus.

You can't rattle good moms, you can't shake them off of what they believe in and who they are. These two ladies are capable of anything and have proven it time and again. They pull off the impossible everyday and manage to hit a brand new gear. They have fun everyday, they smile, they laugh and improve the lives of everyone around them.

My Mom and my wife are realistic (underrated quality), they are powerful and extremely smart. They are cool as a cucumber and so much fun to be with. Here's to my Mom, my wife and all the ladies like them. You ladies are what makes the world go round.

P.S. It can't be said enough, these women are FUNNY!

P.S. #2 - This is your gift. The way my bank account works, I got a checking and a savings.

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