My wife and I have a wedding tomorrow. We have been getting all the necessary things done, so we don't look like bums off the street.

Erica had to get her hair done for the wedding, but my daughter Vida cannot be apart from her for more than like an hour at a time -- Mom has the food, if you know what I mean.

So yesterday, Erica asked me to go to the salon with her so I could be with the baby while she got her hair done. I went, Vida and I hung out, and I learned a lot about the ladies. Check it out:

One woman after another came up, talked to me and asked me questions. It was insane. Ladies everywhere -- it was like Beatlemania. I think I saw one chick licking her lips. Very aggressive. There was even a dude hairdresser that showed me an intense amount of attention.

My daughter, Vida, is a closer, no doubt about it. Mommy was three feet away in her salon chair watching closely, and I could see her mean mugging all around the room. Fun times. Of course, I went home with the hottest chick ever, my wife, Erica.

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