Name a great college basketball city in Connecticut, besides Storrs. I'll wait while you think. What did you come up with? According to a new study from, Connecticut is home to multiple cities that have been given the distinction of being named "Best Cities for College Basketball Fans' for 2024.

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With the incredible success that the University of Connecticut basketball teams have had over the past 30 years, it's easy to overlook that there are multiple Division I college basketball teams competing outside of Storrs, Connecticut.


According to, they compiled stats from 290 cities across the US, and crunched the numbers using 9 key metrics to figure out which of the 290 are the best for college basketballs fans for 2024. Among the metrics: Number of Division 1 college backetball teams, Championship wins, overall wins, ticket price, and stadium capacity. No surprise here - Storrs, Connecticut has been named as the best small city in all of the US for 2024. Storrs actually scored the third highest overall among all American cities, only losing to the major markets of Los Angeles and Philadelphia.

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But wait, there's more. In the Mid-Sized American City category, New Haven landed as the 19th Best overall for 2024. In the Small City category that Storrs won, Fairfield was listed at 84, and Hard-Hittin' New Britain brought up the read, listed as the 160th Best City for College basketball Fans in all of the US. New London? Danbury? Bridgeport? None of them made the list for 2024, maybe next year.

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