If you've ever wanted to live close to Bantam Lake, Arethusa, and one of the most rural  Dollar General stores in Connecticut, your chance is coming soon thanks to Governor Lamont.

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One of the hottest culinary hotbeds of the state will soon be getting an affordable housing project, thanks to a $1 million dollar grant from the State of Connecticut. Governor Ned Lamont has announced that the Connecticut Department of Housing has awarded $12.1 million dollars in grants to eight different cities and towns across Connecticut in order for them to restore, rehabilitate, or build affordable housing for low to middle income individuals, and overall improvements to the community's infrastructure.

Jewett City has secured a $600,000 grant to rehab their wastewater treatment plant, 9 buildings in Rocky Hill will be improved by a $2 million dollar grant, and $2 million dollars will go to Wethersfield to rehab one of their senior housing projects.

Morris will receive $1 million dollars to design and build the infrastructure for a proposed affordable housing project that will be built at 103 East Street in town. According to a legal notice by the Morris Housing Authority, the proposed building will have a maximum of 21 bedrooms. It will be a small housing development, but invaluable for those trying to find affordable housing in Litchfield, Morris, Bantam, Washington, Bethlehem, and Woodbury, or maybe a few of the hard workers at the Pasture at South Farms, Dollar general, or even us customers of West Shore Seafood.

That's one thing that I've found living in Torrington now for two years, most of the commuters are going West in the morning, to Canaan, Kent, Salissbury, Litchfield, and Washington. It's nearly impossible to find a rental.

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