On the heels of the COVID-19 pandemic, Americans are on the move.

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Jobs that once required employees to go to a workplace, shifted to a mobile model and now many employees, can work from their home laptop. Others, saw the health crisis as a reason to escape urban life, in favor of the country. With so much shifting taking place, it's tough to keep up, and the future seems unclear. One thing that is clear, is people are running, screaming from the Tri-State area (NY, NJ, CT).

According to I Optimize Realty, Connecticut Ranks #4 in the Nation, for Outbound Migration. I Optimize used data from a National Moving company (United Van Lines) study  to compile a list of the states that have the highest outbound migration numbers.

The only states with more residents leaving are:

1 - New Jersey

2 - Illinois

3 - New York

The study says the Nutmeg State has 40% inbound migration and 60% outbound. I Optimize says Connecticut has seen a steady population decline since 2011,adding:

"Taxes certainly don't help. Connecticut residents are subject to a collective burden of 12.6% when various state and local taxes are considered. In a lifetime, this will cost the average person $805,000." 

While the Outbound migration is real, it's to tough to tell where I live in Fairfield County. During the pandemic, this area became a landing spot for many New York City residents escaping Manhattan. Our area has famously good schools, beautiful lakes, and is relatively easy to commute from, if necessary.

While some homeowners cashed out their equity and left for "greener pastures" the area is overloaded. Schools are maxed out with students, most of the rental units have dried up and prices have skyrocketed.

You can feel the tension around here. Every store, school, parking lot is crowded, the cost of everything is off the charts and getting around takes forever. Sure, CT is losing residents left and right but the ones that remain, all seem to be here. Good luck everyone.

This begs the question, where are people going? These are the Top 5 States for Inbound Migration:

1 - Vermont

2 - South Dakota

3 - South Carolina

4 - West Virginia (WHY!?)

5 - Florida - Florida you say?

P.S. I love it here, especially in Fairfield County. I'm waiting for everyone else to relent under the pressure and leave so I can get across town in five minutes.

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