The devastation left in the path of Hurricane Maria in Puerto Rico has been labeled as cataclysmic.

The devastation spared nothing, according to an article in It destroyed hospitals, gas stations, ATMs, and leveled homes and ripped up roads. Finding clean drinkable water is now the number one concern. The outside world knows more about what's going on in Puerto Rico than the residents that live there because less than 300 of island's 1600 cell phone towers are still functional.

Thirteen Connecticut National Guardsmen flew out of Bradley on Tuesday morning to assist and maintain communication channels, which are essential to island residents. This is the third contingent of Guardsmen who have been sent to Puerto Rico. The first two were loaded up with much needed supplies. Here is a video of the damage caused by Hurricane Maria.

I heard one sound bite from an NPR reporter, who was physically on the island this morning, saying, "You can't even imagine the devastation."

You might be asking how you can help. Right now, sending cash is the very best way to help Puerto Ricans get back on their feet and can be done by clicking on the Unicef website. 

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