I decided last week that it's now or never for warding off a heart attack, and it was time to start working out. So I had to figure out how to do it without neglecting my little girl. Turns out, she is into it.

I put Vida in her high chair and we go outside while I do push ups, leg lifts and some light weight work. She seems to be confused, but captivated by my groans of agony. Then, at the end, I press her above my head 50 times.

I wonder what babies think of us "adults." They must think we are so stupid. We do weird stuff. What do they think of dish washing, cleaning, car rides, exercise or watching TV? Human beings are odd creatures.

They don't even know they are human yet. They don't know anything, but what we show them and we are weird. I guess I could be showing this princess worse things. Maybe she will grow up to be one of those cool girls that lifts weights, likes sports, and never talks to boys. I'd like that.

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