ESPN & Netflix teamed up on the documentary "The Last Dance" chronicling the Championship teams of the Chicago Bull in the 90's with a particular focus on the end of the run. The 10 part series played out over five weeks in the middle of the American quarantine from the coronavirus.

Growing up as a Bull fan in that era, I'd waited for answers from Michael on these subjects my whole adult life and we got some amazingly honest answers. We also got to see a peak at a side of Michael we otherwise would not have. Sports fans know the legends of an almost unhealthy competitive streak but without this documentary we probably would have never known the depths of it.

This TV special was just that, it was special and for me inspirational. Michael was the first public figure I remember seeing that made hard work look cool. When I was a kid it was rebel or the slacker got most of the attention. Michael made dedication and the pursuit of perfection something to strive for. He reinforced that in this documentary and he also put his "hit-list" on public display.

Michael Jordan went out of his way to frustrate and embarrass his enemies. We not only see it in the archived films but in his personal reflection today. The man still has problems with these people and it seems he always will.

Michael put a "hit" out on all these guys and killed each and everyone of them. He did it motivating himself with largely perceived slights and that is a competition technique that cannot be taught. The best "hit" and it seems the only unintentional one happened to this guy.

Philadelphia 76ers v Los Angeles Lakers
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I've always told people who swear by Lebron James that they need to go watch Michael Jordan on Youtube. The fact is, (get off my lawn) the youth of today had no idea what they were talking about comparing Lebron James to Michael Jordan. Now that the documentary has aired they likely no better or are going to lie to themselves. Michael played against better talent in a tougher game and has accomplished more.

Lebron did himself no favors in the court of public opinion tweeting about himself every time an episode of "The Last Dance" aired. He should have stayed out of it because it had nothing to do with him. Fun fact, ESPN recently ran a new poll, they gave NBA fans 17 categories and asked them who was better in each, Michael or Lebron and Michael won every category. BURN!!!!!!!!!!!!

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