According to the News Times, Metro North's New Haven line is experiencing 15-minute delays this morning after a vehicle struck a bridge. Speed restrictions have been put into place so the bridge can be inspected for safety.

I love a good transportation "versus" story. You hear these all the time when the traffic reporter comes on the radio — Truck vs. Bridge, car vs. deer, motorbike vs. pedestrian. These are never fair fights, and we don't even think much about them when we hear them.

The rat race is real, my friends. I am lucky my job is in the town that neighbors my city, because I hear and see disasters all around me. People will do most anything to get to work each day but "the road" is a dangerous mistress. She takes more than she gives.

You can be minding your own business on the Subway and a break dancer starts his routine and accidentally kicks you in the face. You could be crawling down I-684 and have a Suzuki GSX250R run into your side view mirror. Or like this morning, you have to tell your boss you are late because someone you don't know, ignored a height restriction and blasted his box truck into a train bridge in New Rochelle.

Stay safe, commuters. I's a frigging jungle out there.

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