One of the most prominent features in central Connecticut has a hell of a view on nice days and nights. Castle Craig Tower sits atop Meriden's Hubbard Park's 1,800 acres, and offers a sweeping view of the Connecticut River Valley all the way from the Berkshires in Massachusetts to New Haven and Long Island Sound. Tomorrow night, Meriden is opening up access to the Tower in order for you to enjoy June's full moon - the Strawberry Moon.

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June's full moon actually has a very long list of names, including the Mead or Honey Moon, Rose or Flower Moon, the Hot Moon, and the Planting Moon. You can probably guess why, as Connecticut is blanketed with cottonwood snow and bright yellow pollen today. The name Strawberry Moon is actually rooted here in the Northeast United States, according to, the name was coined by the Algonquin Tribe due to the relatively short season for harvesting strawberries here in the Northeast.

Castle Craig was dedicated in 1900, stands 32 feet tall, and yes, there is a stairway that leads you up to the observation deck. When you get up there, you will be standing at 976 feet above sea level, and it seems even taller when you look straight down at the vehicles humming by on 691. Another interesting fact that is inscribed on it's plaque, Castle Craig Tower is 'The highest point within 25 miles of the coast from Maine to Florida'.

I think it's a very cool idea, great work Meriden Parks & Recreation Department. Make sure you get to the access road before 9PM tomorrow night, the event is weather pending, and they'll close the gate to vehicles for drive-up at 9PM.

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