Mary and Brittani are a mother/daughter pair that have been featured on a reality show called "SMothered" about moms who smother their daughters on TLC. Mary says she's 55 and Brittani is 19 and the duo claim to shower together every morning.

I'm just going to speak for me here as I believe it is in my best interest to do so. If the option was to shower with my mother or my adult children or eat dog food for breakfast for the rest of my life I'd choose Alpo. Yeah, all the way, I'd eat dog food for breakfast everyday until the day they shove me in the Earth. Let me quote the legendary duo known as Hall & Oates by saying; "I can't go for that, no can do."

Here are some other things I'd rather do than shower with my mom/adult children:

  • Be punched in the throat by Mike Tyson
  • Take an Uber
  • Eat kale
  • Attend a Phish concert
  • Fill out forms
  • Stand in line at Disney World
  • Take a hike
  • Listen to jazz
  • Do a marathon Zoom meeting at work
  • "dress for success"
  • Hold hands and say what I'm thankful for at the Thanksgiving table
  • Hold anyone's hand for any reason
  • Have someone ask for my I.D.
  • Ride as a passenger in a car with one too many people
  • Be forced to sleep on an airport floor
  • Use a port-a-potty
  • Sit and listen someone finish out a "first of all, second of all, third of all sentence."

In case you were wondering the above list is all things I do not like but I'd sign on the dotted line for any or all of them before showering with an adult relative that is not my wife.

P.S. Shower sex is so overrated. 

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