It was kind of cute when Mayor Boughton asked Amazon's personal assistant, Alexa which city should be chosen for Amazon's new headquarters.

Of course, Alexa was programmed to reply, "Danbury!", but now Mayor Mark and his staff are getting down to the essential work of drawing up a formal bid to attract the new Amazon Corporate Headquarters to Danbury. When Lou and I talked with the Mayor on Thursday morning, he told us:

Danbury has never been recognized by the state for our economic growth and our economic data, which continues to trend upward.

According to an article in the News Times, Amazon is looking for a city within 45 minutes of an international airport and a population center with a skilled workforce, along with a mass transit system and major highways. The selling points, according to the Mayor, is that Danbury was voted the #2 city to live in because of its diversity. Danbury is one of the safest cities in Connecticut and its economic metrics are the envy of the state.

During our recent chat, I asked Mayor Boughton that with all of the cities that are vying for the new Amazon Headquarters, did he think Danbury realistically had a shot. This is what he told us:

It's the power ball of economics. You can't win it if you're not in it, and if some other company happens to see all of our stuff in that formal bid, and it's not Amazon, they might say 'Danbury looks like a mighty good place, we can only benefit from that, which is why we do this work.'

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