Amazon is shopping some of America's best cities looking to build their second corporate headquarters and Danbury's mayor wants in.

So, Mayor Mark asked his personal Amazon assistant, Alexa:

Alexa, where is the best place for Amazon to locate its second world headquarters?

Alexa's answer was, "Danbury, Connecticut." According to a story in the NewsTimes, Amazon has given the country's best cities, that are interested, until mid-October to make their impressive pitch as to why Amazon should choose their city for their second humungous corporate head quarters. Click this link to read Pam's blog about Amazon's city search.


Mayor Mark produced a 90 second video clip explaining why Danbury is the perfect location for Amazon's second major corporate headquarters. In the clip, the Mayor explains:

You know we are different than everyone else. We not only talk the talk, we walk the walk.

Amazon is shopping for tax breaks and incentives along with room to expand if necessary. Connecticut's largest city, Bridgeport, has also thrown their hat in the ring.

Watch Mayor Mark's full plea here:

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