Meet Martina Big. Martina is a 30-year-old woman from Germany who dramatically changed her appearance with tanning injections, and according to the Daily Mail, she has more changes in mind. She has an eye toward having the world's biggest breasts.

If Martina gets there, it would require breast implants that would be 20 liters or 44 pounds. She appeared on This Morning with Phillip & Holly to reveal her end game and admitted her breast are already size 32S.

See, I don't know where "S" comes on the breast scale. I get that "A" is the smallest, then we go "B", a size up, "C", another size, and then you have your "Ds". I've heard of the "D." Do we just continue to follow the alphabet all the way? I don't know if that's the case, because I have heard of "Xs" and "Zs." I think that large portions of the alphabet were skipped in the past, and now things are having to be re-structured due to the growth ability that plastic surgery provides us.

I tried to do some research on the subject. The operative word is "tried" because there are hundreds of websites dedicated to the topic. My research shows, however, that most end at the high-end of the "D" size. Furthermore, most are dedicated to getting women to understand their true breast size and wear the proper size for comfort and health -- it's a thing, man.

I don't know if I'll be able to figure all of this out before I lose interest and start obsessing over something else. If you know how we measure the biggest of breasts, hit me up.

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