Danbury Mayor Mark Boughton joined the Ethan and Lou Show this morning (October 24) in his regularly weekly spot. He would respond to recent criticisms from his Mayoral opponent Chris Setaro. Recently, Chris has questioned the handling of an Immigration raid in Danbury that happened thirteen years ago when Boughton was Mayor.

When Setaro was endorsed Monday by the Democratic Latino caucus he had this to say on the matter, as previously reported:

What I'm not going to do as mayor is target our Latino community, we want everyone in our community and in our police department to be partners in public safety, and we want Danbury to be inclusive. No one should live in fear.

Chris made similar statements on our show Wednesday morning, saying, "I'm not sure the way that we do that is to go round people up based on their ethnic origin."

This morning, we played a clip of the interview for Danbury Mayor Mark Boughton and allowed him to respond. This is the full interview with the "Hail Mary, Trying to Divide the Community" remarks coming in around the 3:23 mark:

We mentioned Mark's Spanish dance skills in the interview, so we figured we would give you a visual aid.

I think my Bachata is superior, but for a politician this is tight. Normally, if someone shows you a video of a politician dancing, it's trending for the wrong reasons and their poll numbers are about to suffer. In this case, pretty impressive.

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