Danbury Democratic Candidate for Mayor Chris Setaro held a press conference on Monday. The media address was to announce his endorsement from the Hispanic Democrat Caucus. At the conference, Setaro spoke about how he would lead the city with respect to the Latino community, this is what he had to say according to The Patch:

What I'm not going to do as mayor is target our Latino community, we want everyone in our community and in our police department to be partners in public safety, and we want Danbury to be inclusive. No one should live in fear.

Setaro and Boughton are currently at odds over the handling of an immigration raid that took place a decade ago. The City of Danbury worked with Immigration & Customs Enforcement officials and the result was the arrest of 11 illegal immigrant day laborers.

Boughton says it was a coordinated effort with Federal Law Enforcement and that, of the 11, one was a serial drunk driver and another was a pedophile. Setaro says his quote at the conference on Monday was in reference to those arrests.

Setaro joined i95's Ethan and Lou Show in his regular weekly spot on Wednesday morning (October 23). I asked the mayoral candidate if he believes Danbury Mayor Mark Boughton does target the Latino community and these were his remarks:

The direct question as to whether Chris thinks Mark is targeting the Latino community comes at the 3:57 mark of the interview. This is, however, the full interview for the purposes of context:

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