As I mentioned in my blog yesterday, Gov. Dan Malloy has ordered another study on tolling CT highways. The studies cost $10,000 and although Malloy is a "lame duck," he believes the study with help the future Governor make a determination on the issue.

This morning, I made an analogy on this that I thought was terrific, but Ethan was not in love with. Here's how that went:

We wanted to get reaction from you, the Ethan and Lou listeners, about this and here is what was said on the air:

It just made sense to follow up on this topic with Danbury Mayor Mark Boughton. Mark is a Republican running for Governor in the State of Connecticut and joins us weekly on the Ethan and Lou show. These are his thoughts on the matter:

When we reach out to our listeners on political issues, I am always struck by a few things. Our listeners are well informed, intelligent people and none of them can agree on anything. New slogan for CT: "The Debate State."

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