According to the News Times, Gov. Dannel P. Malloy is ordering a new study on bringing tolls to Connecticut. The study will reportedly cost $10 million and is supposed to determine whether electronic tolls will help with transportation infrastructure improvements. Malloy, for the record, is a lame duck who will be out of office by the time the study is completed.

I've talked to people, mostly independent, small business people, who say that tolls in CT could ruin their business. I also know the Republicans want no part of any plan that includes tolls in CT, so if one of them gets elected, this was a full waste of $10,000,000.

I'm no "poly sci" major, but is spending ten million dollars on another toll study on your way out the door the best way to improve your already terrible reputation? I think it probably isn't, but i'll leave this question to you all. Do you want tolls on CT highways?

Here's a fun video about me trying to avoid paying a toll on the Whitestone Bridge: SPOILER ALERT - Impossible:

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