Get the casting director on the phone cause this chick

is gonna play this chick.

I feel like it might not be believable. I don't care how much garbage makeup you put on Margot Robbie, she is not going to look bad. You could put a fat suit on her, do her hair real bad and cover her in fish guts and she will still be ridiculously hot. Facts are facts and I am dropping science. Here is Margot covered in psycho makeup as Harley Quinn from Suicide Squad and she is still hot.

I wanted to share a video of Margot from the movie Wolf of Wall Street but I will be terminated if I do. That is because there is not one scene that is appropriate for non adult viewing in that movie. Which means it is great and if you have not seen it, you need to take a sick day and get on that right now.

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Margot, you look lonely at that table, call me.

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