Nielsen just released their streaming ratings for 2022 and the results were a bit surprising.

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First of all, last year's #1 show has been dethroned. Manifest was the most streamed show (2021) in America and Connecticut. According to Variety, Stranger Things was the most-streamed show of 2022, saying: "The Upside Down took the No. 1 position on Nielsen’s 2022 streaming chart: Netflix’s blockbuster “Stranger Things,” led by the release of the fourth season, was the most-streamed TV show — and overall program — in the U.S. last year." 

But what was the most watched in Connecticut? According to High Speed Internet, it was Euphoria. However, it is worth noting that they crowned their champ from analyzing Google data and released those numbers in November of 2022. The Nielsen rankings just came out (Jan '23) and Variety does not have a state-by-state breakdown.

Top 5 Shows Nationally:

1 - Stranger Things

2 - Ozark

3 - Wednesday

4 - Cobra Kai

5 - Bridgerton

Top 5 Movies Nationally:

1 - Encanto

2 - Turning Red

3 - Sing 2

4 - Moana

5 - The Adam Project

No matter who you believe, it appears that there is something missing. Where the hell is Yellowstone? No matter what data you read from 2021 or 2022, Yellowstone does not appear to be ranked in the Top 5. Can that be right? Is Paramount not considered a streaming platform yet or did Beth piss someone else off?

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