Geoff Upson fancies himself a "Road Safety Campaigner." He will do whatever it takes to get his hometown roads in tip top condition, even if it means covering potholes in giant green penises.

According to VICE, Upson is from Auckland Australia and has successfully used this tactic to get local officials to fix potholes before they hurt someone.

Upson told VICE he did this for the first time in 2018 out of frustration learned soon after they tend to get fixed when the media, draws attention to his art. He says he doesn't always draw penises, sometimes he will write "fix me" or "fix this."

Geoff Upson - Facebook
Geoff Upson - Facebook

Upson admits he's used the graffiti on somewhere around 100 potholes but has not kept track and he's found that there are copycat artists that have turned their fandom into action.

The strategy has not come without trouble, Upson says he was at the police station on Friday (4/30/21) and although he's cooperated with police he's nervous that he will be charged with a crime.

Despite law enforcement not loving his art, he does have a large outpouring of support on his Facebook page.

Geoff Upson - Facebook
Geoff Upson - Facebook

You can't always sit idly by and watch the world take advantage of you. Sometimes you need to crack a can of spray paint and draw a d--- on it. That's what I always say, whenever I'm talking about drawing wangs.

At least this guy is doing something to improve his local community, how many people do you know who draw penises on things, that benefit no one? A lot I bet. I call those empty penises, penises with no substance, a rotten, dirty pointless penises is what those are.

Well done Geoff, well done. Thank you for showing us another way, thank you for leading the penis drawing world, out of the dark and into the light where the penises can be seen, heard and the penises can matter.

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