I got the green light from my wife to turn my garage into a recording studio/man cave and I am pumped about it.

I got started yesterday, and the initial cleaning and organizing is out of the way. Yes, that picture above is the GOOD photo. You should have seen the before photo.

Next up, I have to paint, get the sound proofing in place, wire up the recording studio gear, hang naked lady posters and stock the fridge with booze. It's going to be AMAZING. What else should I put in there?

I need a TV, for sure, but what cool things do people put in their man caves? I want to put some thought into this and not do what I normally do, which is put no thought, and throw a bunch of stuff in there.

Send me photos of your man cave and any suggestions you might have as to how to make this the most BALLS man cave in history.

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