If you're going to court because you've been charged with stealing a car, would you drive a stolen car to your court appearance?

According to Fox61.com, a guy was driving to Hartford court to answer a charge of first degree larceny for driving a stolen vehicle. That same guy parked a car near the courthouse, where parking authority agents say they scanned his plate only to find out that THAT car and the license plates were reported stolen.

When he left court and returned to the vehicle, officers were ready to go, and arrested 25-year-old Jonathan Rivera, charging him with more larceny.

In my most humble opinion, what we have here is a dude who lacks common sense. Common Sense is defined as, "Sound practical judgement concerning everyday matters." To refute my argument I found an article in Psychology Today claiming that "Common Sense" is a fallacy, saying that:

If common sense was common then most people wouldn't make the kinds of decisions they do every day like spending money on things they can't afford, smoking, gambling or eating junk food.

Do you have so-called "Common Sense?" I dare you to take the test, which I failed miserably, by the way:

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