With employees being pushed to the brink, Lowe's is another store in our area that has decided to shut down on Easter Sunday to give their workers a much deserved break.

It was announced late Tuesday that Lowe's would join a growing list of Greater Danbury stores that will actually be shutting down for the day to give their employees a little break.

Lowe's CEO Marvin Ellison explained the reason to shut down for the day to cbsnews.com:

Our employees deserve Sunday off because their work during the coronavirus pandemic has been nothing short of heroic. Employees will receive their regular pay if they would have worked that Sunday. We want to provide our teams with a much-deserved day off to spend Easter Sunday with their families and loved ones and recharge.

Lowe's joins a growing list of local stores that will not be open this Sunday. They include Big Y, BJ's, Costco, Target and Trader Joe's.

Lowe's has already been offering rewards to its employees for working during this pandemic. They have given $300 bonuses for full-time employees, and $150 for part-timers, along with a $2 an hour raise. The company has also set aside some $3 million that they have put in an employee emergency relief fund.

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