YouGov recently ran a study to find the most popular grocery store chains in America.

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Here are the Top 3:

1. Aldi (I LOVE THEM)

2. 7-Eleven

3. Trader Joe's

The results were interesting and I liked a lot of what I saw but something did not hit me right. Wegmans was way too low on the list, they ranked 23rd in the nation. This puzzled me because they are the bees actual knees. I've wanted Wegmans to come to Danbury for years but it just has not happened.

We have raved about Wegmans for over a decade on the I-95 Morning Show but the corporate office obvisoulsy does not listen because there is still no Danbury store. According to many published reports they are coming to Norwalk, CT but that is not enough. I decided to take matters into my own hands and write them a letter. This is a copy of the actual letter I sent:

Subject: Invitation for Wegmans to Establish Presence in Danbury, CT

Dear Sir/Madam,

I hope this letter finds you well. My name is Lou Milano, and I am a radio host and writer based in the Danbury, CT area. I am reaching out to express my genuine enthusiasm for the prospect of Wegmans making its mark in the Hat City.

While Danbury boasts several grocery stores, we notably lack a Wegmans. Allow me to share a personal anecdote: I once found myself pleasantly lost in a Wegmans in Virginia. Rather than seeking the exit, I surrendered to the allure of the wine bar and experienced pure bliss. Your establishment embodies excellence, and I am confident that bringing Wegmans to Danbury would be met with immense appreciation from our community.

I understand that you have recently commenced construction on a Wegmans in Norwalk. However, I must emphasize that this will not cut the Dynasty Chinese-Style Mustard (which you sell) for enthusiasts in Danbury. The prospect of driving to Norwalk is unappealing due to parking challenges and an overrated nightlife scene.

On our radio show, my co-hosts and I frequently discuss Wegmans with great reverence. We share our admiration for grocery stores and speculate about when Danbury will be graced with the presence of Wegmans. I recall that my co-host, Ethan Carey, may have previously sent a similar letter, albeit possibly in crayon and with improper addressing. Despite any previous attempts, our collective desire for a Wegmans in Danbury remains unwavering.

We hold Wegmans in high regard, and every mention on our show is met with positive responses from our audience. To show the depth of our affection, we are contemplating having our entire audience inundate you with love letters if necessary.

In conclusion, we implore you to consider establishing a Wegmans in Danbury. Your presence would undoubtedly enhance our community, and we sincerely hope to welcome the iconic Wegmans experience to the D-Block soon.

Thank you for your time and consideration.

Peace bruh,
Louis Joseph Milano
AKA DJ Smoov Nuts
AKA Chef
AKA Ma-name-a-dong

P.S. My Wegmans journey began at the Haymarket, VA store, and I would like to give them a special shout-out. Additionally, please consider a well-deserved 15% pay increase for the entire staff at that location.

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Their auto response kicked in which read:

Thank You. We appreciate your feedback. A representative from our Customer Care Center will review your message and respond as soon as possible.

I expect a more personal and loving response soon and I will share that with you when I receive it.

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