This guy. In an interview with WBRC News in Alabama, Bill Cosby's reps revealed he is planning a town hall tour where he will educate young people on sexual assault. The representatives went on to say it's time for Bill Cosby to move on.

Well, it all makes sense to me. I mean, who wouldn't allow their children to sit in a room with a man who's been accused of sexual assault well north of 40 times? If you want to move on, maybe don't ask large groups of people to gather together with you and talk about the very thing you are trying to move on from.

The whole thing is sad. Bill Cosby was one of the funniest men on planet Earth at one point. He had a great TV show and a sparkling image -- not so much anymore. This happens all the time. Someone has a fall from grace and instead of choosing their actions and words carefully to restore some of their reputation, they continue to make poor decisions.

It has to be the celebrity ego, the need to be seen and heard that keeps these guys coming back for more. Now is the time that ole' Bill needs a real friend to step in and tell him that maybe he should sit the next few plays out.

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