NY State Senator Peter Harckham is proposing a toll on CT drivers passing into the State of NY.

According to the CT Post, the plan is in direct response to CT Governor Ned Lamont's plan to toll NY drivers passing into CT at the I-684 stretch that runs through CT.

Harckham's plan would place toll gantry's "all along" NY/CT border points, including 684, "The Hutch" and other local border routes. NY State lawmakers are supposed to meet to discuss the retaliatory poll plan soon as it has not yet been approved.

Harckham did say he and other NY politicians sent a note to CT Gov. Ned Lamont to discuss his plan, but those calls were unanswered. Harckham called the lack of response both "arrogant" and "galling." Harckham continued by saying:

Do we want to do this? No we don’t, Nobody wants a toll road. I like Connecticut. I like Connecticut residents, My mother lives in Connecticut, my brother lives in Connecticut. I like Connecticut. The governor, maybe not so much.

Senator Harckham also mentioned he does not want to get into a toll war, but "if the governor insists on building his version of the border wall, we will have no choice but to respond in kind.”

How many times do I have to keep saying this? Ned "The Head" Lamont is a natural disaster that needs to be stopped. The man obviously does not care one wink about you or I. Now he has us in a toll war with NY? For those of us who live here in the Greater Danbury area, we would be in deep if the "war" escalates and tolls go up to and from both states.

Now you have politicians from other states calling him "arrogant" and "galling," and that is exactly what he is. The Nutmeg State is in way over its head with this clown and every day, he outdoes the day before. Every day, I have to read about yet another bad idea, another political misstep and another case of disrespect to the people of CT, and anyone else who does not approve of his moves.

The "Toll Wars" are here and I plan on milking this topic for every ounce. In fact, starting tomorrow on the Ethan and Lou Show, we will take phone calls on the "Toll Wars." Who wins this battle of wills and stupidity; NY or CT?

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