When I heard there was a horror movie being produced, called "Candlewood" that takes place in New Milford, I just about soiled my slacks.

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Then, we learned more, we learned that the plot would tickle our local bone, like it's never been tickled before. The plot centers around urban legends tied to New Milford and the surrounding areas. This is a plot summary below:

A blended family moves from the city to a small town in Connecticut, where a local urban legend adds chaos and terror to an already fragile family dynamic. The staunch patriarch, who desperately wants his family to not see him as a failure but as the father that did everything he could to keep his family together through difficult times. 

Candlewood follows a family leaving New York City for a more simple life in the country town of New Milford , CT. The haunting and mysterious true stories of missing hikers near a popular state park, Lover's Leap, coupled with the town of Jerusalem sitting at the bottom of Candlewood Lake gives credibility to our narrative. We bring to life the struggle of good vs evil and what happens when lifelong, outdated traditions are challenged. 

THEN, I found out the Producer was a friend, of two of my friends. FINALLY, I learned they wanted my help, to get the word out about the film. It was all coming together. Everything was leading to one inevitable ending, silver screen glory for me.

Sadly, nothing is that easy. After telling "Candlewood's" Producer Myke Furhman, I wanted to be in the movie, he didn't blink but days later, things got more complex. Furhman wanted to show me something, the film's Indiegogo account. On the main page was helpful information about the production, but off to the right was my severed head.

attachment-ME (3)FINAL

"Fur-H-Man," as I call him in my home, added donation tiers, for my fans to reach, before I could be in the movie. If they donate a total of $500, I can be in the movie, if they do $1,000 or more, I get lines in the movie. Plus, I was still dealing with the shock of having my head severed on someone's fundraiser page.

I'm having mixed emotions. Sure, I want to be in the movie, yes I want lines and more than anything, I want this Indiegogo to work because, the film industry needs to blossom in New Milford. However, I don't want people thinking they can sever my head on every digital document they make and I don't want the lovely people who listen to the Ethan and Lou Show to have to pay money to keep me happy.

Here's what I will say, please give them money, and don't worry about me. I want New Milford to become a destination for filmmakers, like we were told it would, years ago after Mr. Deeds filmed here. New Milford is a place I called my home for 8 years, a place I love very much. The town deserves all the best, and it should be the backdrop for many films to come.

If you have the means, donate to this project, it's already raised $25,000 as I write this but film-making is very expensive.

Candlewood Teaser from amerikana media, inc on Vimeo.

P.S. Someone donated $29 so I could be in the movie (thanks mom).

UPDATE: We spoke to New Milford Producer Myke Furhman on the Ethan and Lou Show Thursday (9/15/22). Below is our full interview with him about the film, may acting and the Indiegogo account.

Additional Fun Facts:

  • I have done a lot of acting but none of the past projects have been picked up. I did shoot something this past summer that is "a go" but I don't know where it's "a-going" yet.
  • In addition to calling Myke Furhman "Fur-H-Man," I also call him Mark Fuhrman (OJ Trial) and Carl Fardman, like on Seinfeld.
  • This movie will be the first ever Latina led horror feature film.
  • I love film.
  • I love Latinas (my wife is Latina) WOOO-HOOO!
  • People are always cropping my head into ridiculous things, like this.

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