Mykey Williams is a young boxer from East Hartford who just won a bout at Foxwoods last night (July 21) in a unanimous decision, according to NBC Connecticut TV. He’s not your average boxer, as he speaks softly, appears pensive and low key at just 20-years-old.

At 8-years-old, he started taking trips to a local gym where his interest in boxing piqued. It was perfect timing since he had a rough start in life — his father was killed that very same year. This all came after his family survived a fire that burned their home to the groun. In spite of these awful events, he very obviously has a strong fighting spirit.

He headlined for the first time this past weekend at Foxwoods and was a winner. His trainer Paul Cichon says he always had full faith in him — he’s the guy that’s been driving Mykey to the gym since he was a kid. Now, Cichon serves as not only Mykey’s trainer and coach, but a mentor and father figure as well. The two take a shirt with Mykey’s late father’s image on it to every fight. Mykey Williams is currently undefeated, and I’m one of this guy’s newest fans.

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