According to the News Times, police in Weston, CT reached out to local schools to warn of at least two sightings of bobcat in the area. The schools then sent an alert to parents, making them aware of the issue. Animal control and Weston Police will work together to monitor the situation, according to the report.

As a precautionary measure, outdoor recess at the schools has been suspended. The letter sent from the school asks parents to make their children aware of the bobcat sightings, but to also explain that they are safe.

That's pretty scary stuff right there. Based on what I have read, these guys are mostly out at night, but they do make some daytime appearances. They also run anywhere from 25 to 30 mph. This means, if one sees you and WANTS to attack you, you have no say in the matter. My understanding is that a bobcat attacking a person is very rare. That's great and all, but I say again, if they WANT TO attack you, there's not one single thing you can do about it.

Like, imagine this for me, you are standing in your driveway with your buddy Glenn, and you both see a bobcat in your yard. Now, the bobcat sees you and you turn to tell Glenn about it, because, ya know, "see something, say something." You might be able to say, "Hey Glen," but you only get the one "n" in Glenn out of your mouth and by that time, the bobcat has a sizable chunk of your head in its mouth. This is the kind of speed we are talking about. So, yeah, scary stuff. Stay safe out there.

Bobcat, the silent killer. I mean except for the screaming while you are mauled by a cat. Like this:

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