According to, Erin Meagher has been terminated from her position as the Chamber of Commerce CEO for the towns of Mahopac and Carmel, NY. She has also been arrested and and charged with 4th degree grand larceny.

The article states that the volunteer executive board of the Chamber of Commerce unearthed evidence that she used her chamber credit card to purchase personal items including jewelry, dresses and handbags. Police say she allegedly tried to cover up the illegal purchases by fabricating invoices.

Erin Meagher has been given an appearance ticket for a later date in the Putnam County Courthouse.

So, my big question here is simple. If this woman has been accused of, arrested for, and charged with this crime, why is she not in jail awaiting a court date?

She was given an appearance ticket for a grand larceny charge? I'm no lawyer, but that seems like is she is getting off easy. In most cases, aren't people put in jail and given a bail number they have to pay to get out?

I know, as sure as I am sitting here, that if I was arrested for and charged with grand larceny, I'd be in jail right now. That is just a fact. Is she being coddled and for what reason? Is it because by all appearances up to this point she was an "upstanding citizen?"

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