Lita Ford is someone with many stories to tell. She was an 80's rock icon, she worked and toured with some of the biggest names in rock music and this morning she called us to talk about all of it and tell us what she is up to now.

That's got to be a tough juggling act for someone in her position. She constantly has to talk to men who go straight to her outrageous looks before ever getting to her musicianship. It seems that she understands fully how to navigate this from the handful of interviews we have done with her.

The marketing of her career at the height of her success was very much about sex appeal. It was a different time back then with very different behavior. If I was a lady I would definitely see her as an inspiration. She endured a time in rock music where men were the boss and she not only got to the heights of success but turned the tables and became the boss herself.

Thanks to Lita for joining the Ethan and Lou show.

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